I'm Charles Martin.

Charles Martin playing a synthesiser in a dark street.

I'm a computer scientist specialising in music technology, musical AI and human-computer interaction at The Australian National University, Canberra.

I develop musical apps such as MicroJam, and PhaseRings,research creative AI, and perform music with Ensemble Metatone and Andromeda is Coming.

At the ANU, I lead research into intelligent musical instruments. My lab's focus is on developing new intelligent instruments, performing new music with them, and bringing them to a broad audience of musicians and performers.

This website includes my personal blog, portfolio of projects and music, and academic profile.

Recent Posts

Photoblogging in 2023 like it's 2008

31 Jan 2023

I’ve been trying to take photos a bit more intentionally a regularly again, helped by a new (to me) Fujfilm X-T2 camera. I’ve ended up posting some images on pixelfed.au regularly, and hoping to put something quick up most days.

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Setting up Tensorflow with Docker

08 Dec 2021

For the last five years, I’ve seemed to have a more-or-less annual fight with my Linux workstations over installing CUDA to keep on doing GPU-accelerated musical machine learning research with TensorFlow and Keras.

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Building Synths in NoiseCraft

22 Nov 2021

In this tutorial you’ll follow simple plans to create different electronic sounds and then use your knowledge to create a synthesiser. To create the synthesiser you’ll use NoiseCraft, a website that lets you build your own synthesiser by connecting together modules that create or modify electronic sounds.

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