Photoblogging in 2023 like it's 2008

31 Jan '23

I’ve been trying to take photos a bit more intentionally a regularly again, helped by a new (to me) Fujfilm X-T2 camera. I’ve ended up posting some images on regularly, and hoping to put something quick up most days.

Curtin Trees. Fujfilm X-T2, XF16mmF2.8

I guess I’m wondering if it’s possible to photoblog in 2023 like it’s 2008…

In the late 2000s, Flickr was the place to be and little bag photos like this sucked me in. Flickr was often about discovery as much as following people, I somehow felt part of a community there even if I wans’t a terribly active participant. I guess Instagram killed my interest in Flickr, but that has just become a doomscrolling timesuck with little interesting discovery.

I guess I could host images here on this site, and I have in the past. Most of the photo posts here were actually imports from Posterous where the defining feature was emailing a bunch of images to create a gallery post. Given the interest in the fediverse, I’ll see if Pixelfed works. I’ve been using the iOS app which is currently available in an open beta. The app is definitely still a bit buggy, but feels small and calm compared to the big socials.