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Sep 25, 2013

ICMC: Integrating Mobile Music with Percussion

I recently presented a poster and paper at ICMC2013 (International Computer Music Conference) in Perth! Here’s the text of the poster and a link to the paper that went with it!

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Jul 18, 2013

Getting the size of an array in libpd

I really enjoy using libpd to embed interactive sound into iOS apps. One tradeoff of doing this is that Pd externals are often GPL licenced so you can’t use them in projects that are destined for the App Store - in particular, you can’t use expr or expr~ which are very widely used objects included in Pd Vanilla.

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Jul 16, 2013

Sounds from the Treetops in PERCUSscene Issue 7

My new article “Creating Sounds from the Treetops with Ensemble Evolution” has just bee published in PERCUSscene Issue 7! Grab it in the latest DRUMscene magazine!

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Jul 5, 2013

Speedier saveFrame() in Processing

I’ve been writing some very simple Processing sketches to visualise logs of OSC messages for my Metatone project and I’ve wanted to turn these visualisations into videos to match up with the performances.

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