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Aug 17, 2008

Pure Data Resources

When I started learning Pure Data (or Pd) a couple of weeks ago, it was difficult to find good tutorials and examples. In the end I used a couple of different tutorials to take my first steps in this language:

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Nov 16, 2007

Laserjet 1022n in Leopard

I updated to Leopard last night on my iBook G4 and was thrilled to find that my printer drivers had been deleted. After a furious search I found a press release from HP indicating that Leopard was supposed to delete old printer drivers and use newer built in drivers, supposedly there is a driver for my HP Laserjet 1022n but I couldn’t find it.

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Apr 9, 2007

Newcastle March 30/31

Cigars for the Man invited us to Newcastle to play two shows with them over this weekend. On friday we played the Cambridge Hotel with them. For us, it was a fairly unremarkable show. There were some technical difficulties with Tim’s mic and the foldback for my pad but it wasn’t too significant. Cigars were really fantastic though. AfThe bass player, Justin also plays in The Porkers as does Rob the trombonist. Their myspace belies the experience each of the members have as musicians and the energetic and convincing performance they made.

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Mar 19, 2007

Weekend in Melbourne

We had a weekend in Melbourne to play two shows - The Esplanade on Friday and Sounds Like Chicken’s final show out at a community centre in Bayswater. In spite (or because of) the reputation of the venue I’ve been disappointed with our previous shows at the Espy, but I really enjoyed Friday night. A few fans in the crowd knew some words had everybody dancing and the awesome sound guy set up quickly and mixed up a great sound.

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Mar 10, 2007

I played a show this evening in Cooma at the youth centre there. Since two bands pulled out, it was a short show with Los Cap, Strong Like Sam and an interesting metalcore two-piece. When we were about to play Scene Queen, Tim unexpectedly presented me with the microphone. Not one to leave such a challenge stand, I “sang” the whole song through. I even embellished my performance with some of Tim’s special brand of hardcore floor squirming.

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