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Sep 9, 2019

EPEC trip to Oslo

I had a brief (one week) trip to Oslo to catch up on ongoing research projects with colleagues in the engineering predictability with embodied cognition (EPEC) project and at the RITMO Centre.

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Sep 6, 2019

Musical ML at NIME2019

I was really excited to be have several submissions accepted at NIME 2019 in Porto Alegre, among several more from the RITMO centre of excellence at UiO. It was really amazing to be at the first NIME in South America and to meet many wonderful musicians and researchers from Brazil and the region.

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Aug 13, 2019

Commune 6 at Sideway

Christina and I are playing as Ensemble Metatone again next week (it’s been a while!) at Hellosquare recording’s Commune #6 alongside Soft Hollow (Ben Harb - CBR) and Thomas Meadowcroft, an Australian composer visiting from Berlin.

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Jul 17, 2018

Bela, Myo, and Standstill at NIME2018

In June I travelled to NIME2018 at Virginia Tech to present some of work from the RITMO centre and EPEC project at the University of Oslo. This year, our NIME presentations were focussed on “standstill performance”—where participants have to stand as still as possible to create sound. In previous years, our group had created standstill performances using motion capture in the lab, but our new work was on ways to do this at live events, and even in installations, using the Bela single-board computer.

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Sep 12, 2017

Neural Network Ensembles in London and Representing Collaborative Interaction

I recently had the chance to present a paper about my “Neural iPad Ensemble” at the Audio Mostly conference in London. The paper, discusses how machine learning can help to model and create free-improvised music on new interfaces, where the rules of music theory may not fit. I described the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) design that I used to produce an AI iPad ensemble that responds to a “lead” human performer. In the demonstration session, I set up the iPads and RNN and had lots of fun jamming with the conference attendees.

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