EPEC trip to Oslo

09 Sep '19

I had a brief (one week) trip to Oslo to catch up on ongoing research projects with colleagues in the engineering predictability with embodied cognition (EPEC) project and at the RITMO Centre.

It was great to get deep into GANs for movement generation with Benedikte Wallace and computer music teaching issues with Tejaswinee Kelkar, as well as catch up on old and new papers with Kai Olav Ellefsen and Jim Torresen.

I was able to join in on the first week of teaching their master’s project course on machine learning and AI (IN5490). I gave my intro lecture on RNNs for creative sequence learning, and gained a few project students in collaboration with Benedikte, looking forward some great work coming out of this!

Here’s the talk:

And here’s some pictures:

Kai giving the first 5490 lecture

RITMO Laptop Stickers

Oslo tram reflections