Remote Presentation Procedure for Hybrid Conferences

This is the instructions for Remote Presentations at (Insert Meeting Here).

  • Remote presentation will take place through, an in-browser streaming system.

  • Restream allows us to connect the in-person auditorium to remote guests and simultaneously stream to our remote attendees.

  • You will need to test your setup before the event and may need to run through a few troubleshooting steps if there are issues.

  • Please prepare a talk of the correct length: e.g., 15 mins for full papers and 7 mins for short papers. Presentations that are more than 2 minutes overtime will be cut off to ensure fair use of time.

You can test the OzCHI Restream Studio through this link: (link TBA)

  • You can join the studio at any time, test your camera and microphone and initiate screen sharing.

  • Nothing will be shown externally unless a stream administrator enables your video/screen in the live stream.

  • The studio has a private chat for communicating with the stream admin and other guests.

  • We will use the conference slack for Q&A beyond the presentation time.

Before the conference:

  1. Restream Studio works best in the Chrome/Chromium/Chrome-based browsers. We have confirmed that it works using Firefox.

  2. Please look over the recommendations for Restream Guests before testing.

  3. You can and should login to the OzCHI Restream studio at any time through the link (TBA) to do basic connectivity testing, or use a free account to test Restream Studio.

  4. If you are presenting remotely, you MUST attend a presentation check in the days before the conference. Please do steps 1-3 above before your check 🙂.

  5. Sign up for a tech check here: (link TBA) If the tech check times don’t work for you (e.g., timezone issues), please get in touch.

During the conference:

During the conference please do not join the studio link until your paper session and do not share this link with others. You can watch other paper sessions on a separate streaming playback link (available through conference chat).

  1. You will receive an event-specific restream studio link via email well in advance of your session, we will also make the link available to you on slack (different link than above).

  2. You should join the Restream Studio link 15 minutes before the start of your paper session and test slides/audio as necessary.

  3. A stream manager (name will be “manager”) will be present in the studio. Say hi over the private chat to announce your presence and they will run through technical checks.

  4. You can watch the other talks in the studio.

  5. You will be invited to share your screen/slides 5 minutes before your presentation.

  6. During your talk, your slides and camera will be enabled on the broadcast view and you can start.

  7. Questions will be sent through private chat or announced live by the session chair.

Please be patient and kind when working remotely. We will do our best to ensure a smooth, fair and high quality experience for everyone but in any hybrid conference there can be unexpected technical issues 🙂.

Length of talks

At the event, talk lengths will be:

  • Full papers: 15 minutes (up to 5 mins for questions)

  • Late Breaking Work: 7 minutes (up to 3 mins for questions)

Your slides will not be visible during question time.

Buffers in-between talks are required to ensure smooth changeovers between presenters and remote/in-person talks. The following procedure will occur at the end of remote talks.

  • Remote presenters will have time reminders messaged to them at 2 minutes and 1 minute before the end of their talk.

  • At the conclusion of your time, the paper chair will appear on screen.

  • At 2 minutes over time your talk will be cut off.

Sharing your screen/presentation:

There are three options for sharing your slides during your presentation:

  1. Present from a Chrome tab

  2. Present from the powerpoint/keynote/etc application and share your screen

  3. Upload your presentation slides directly into

Presenting from a Chrome tab is the best option as it supports audio sharing on all platforms. We recommend setting up your presentation tab in a separate browser window so that you can keep an eye on the restream window during your talk.

Presenting from powerpoint/keynote/etc usually works, but please test that screen sharing works with your browser. It’s usually better to present from a window rather than full screen (instructions for powerpoint and keynote) so that you can keep an eye on the restream window during your talk.

Presentations in Studio | Restream Help Center

Uploading your presentation slides into Restream studio is most reliable (as they put it, it helps escape “technical hell”) but does not support video/audio within slides. See the instructions here:

Slides in PDF format are recommended for upload into restream. Please have a PDF version of your presentation ready as a backup.

If presenting from a browser tab or screen sharing, you should test your screen sharing and may need to do some setup:

Sharing audio/video from your presentation:

If you have videos with audio in your presentation, it’s important to test that audio can be shared. The most reliable option for audio sharing is to do your presentation from a browser. Here are the limitations for’s screen sharing capabilities:

  • Windows: The 'Share Audio' option is only available for the entire screen or browser tab options.

  • MacOS + Linux: The 'Share Audio' option is only available for the entire screen or browser tab options.

  • Uploaded slides into Video/Audio not supported

Further info:

Camera, Mic and Audio Tips:

  • Using headphones during your talk helps improve audio quality through your microphone (by reducing echoes/feedback) so this is recommended if possible.

  • Setting your camera slightly above your eye level tends to look better than if it’s looking up at you from below. If you are using the camera in your laptop, you could try putting your laptop on a stack of books to raise it above your eyes.

  • Having light on your face rather than behind you definitely looks better in your presentation.


  • The session videos at ozchi will be streamed through Youtube to reach our remote participants.

  • Youtube automatically creates a live replay recording of streams, but this will not be publicly released and will be deleted from youtube at the conclusion of the conference.

  • The focus during the conference is on live participation and engagement.