Lab alumni and graduated students

Here’s some links to research produced by my PhD, Master and Honours students.

If you’d like to work on something like this, check out the details here.

Feiyue Tao (Master student 2022)

Multi-View Web Interfaces in Augmented Reality (thesis)

Feiyue created a VR system for experimenting with web interfaces in a work environment and was awarded a Postgraduate Medal for Academic Excellence in her Master of Computing (Advanced) program. During her program, Feiyue was a research trainee at CSIRO Data61 and she was recruited by Google soon after graduation.

Xinlei Niu (Master student at ANU 2020-2021)

Acoustic Scene Classification with Attention-based Neural Networks (thesis)

Yichen Wang (Master student 2020-2021)

Sonic sculptural staircase: An investigation of highly immersive and world aware augmented reality in augmented sculptural staircase experience (thesis)

Tønnes Nygaard (PhD Researcher at University of Oslo 2016-2020)

Legging It: An Evolutionary Approach to Morphological Adaptation for a Real-World Quadruped Robot (thesis)

Tønnes created a open-source quadruped robotics platform with mechanically extensible legs for evolving robot morphology in real-world activity. His work was featured in Nature: Machine Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation and was widely reported in the press. Tønnes now holds a faculty position at Oslo Metropolitan University and collaborates with the University of Oslo, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, and CSIRO Data61.

Torgrim Næss (Master student at University of Oslo 2018-2019)

A Physical Intelligent Instrument using Recurrent Neural Networks (thesis)

This thesis resulted in a NIME publication!.

Viktoria Røsjø (Master student at University of Oslo )

Variational Autoencoders with Mixture Density Networks for Sequence Prediction in Algorithmic Composition - A Musical World Model (thesis)

Benedikte Wallace (Master student at University of Oslo 2016-2018)

Predictive songwriting with concatenative accompaniment (thesis)

Henrik Brustad (Master student at University of Oslo 2016-2018)

Digital Audio Generation with Neural Networks (thesis)