Music Tech at IFI

29 May '17

We recently hosted a music technology event at the Department of Informatics to gather together researchers and students from the University of Oslo to see performances and demonstrations of current research.

Luckily, Maria Finkelmeier happened to be swinging through the area from Boston, so we were able to present some new percussion and touch-screen works together, and hear Maria’s new live version of #improvAday. Christina Hopgood and Maria joined me for three iPad ensemble pieces, including a new experiment performing live ensemble music with MicroJam — exactly the opposite of how that app was designed to be used! It was also great to have Kristian Nymoen demonstrate with the Xsens full-body motion tracking system and have other demos from the Departments of Musicology and Informatics.

The event featured the following projects:

  • Ensemble Metatone: new music for touch-screen and percussion
  • #improvADay with Maria Finkelmeier (USA)
  • MuMyo: muscle sensing music from IMV
  • PhaseRings for iPad Ensemble and Ensemble Director Agent
  • Xsens Motion Music: making music with full-body motion tracking
  • Prototype music interfaces from the DESIGN group.

Great to have so many engaged researchers visit IFI and to perform in Escape, the student pub in IFI’s basement! Thanks to the cybernetics student society for their help and hope to perform down in Escape again soon!