PASIC 2014 Seminar: iPads in Percussion Ensemble

21 Nov '14

I’m currently at PASIC2014 in Indianapolis to present a session on performing with iPads in percussion ensemble - here’s the take home notes from my talk!

iPad Apps

  • PhaseRings: (New at PASIC 2014) - A customisable ring interface for short and sustained percussive sounds - featuring seven sound-schemes, four compositions and a generative engine for making great setups!
  • BirdsNest: A sonic journey through a forest in northern Sweden featuring birdsong, field recordings and percussion. Premiered at PASIC 2013.
  • MetaLonsdale: A portrait of a Canberra café in sound art using field recordings and percussive sounds.
  • Snow Music: Perform with the sounds of snow anywhere in any season!

Check out and for more information.

Scored Compositions for iPad and Percussion

  • Gesture Study No. 1
  • Gesture Study No. 2 (free!)
  • Correspondences for iPad and Percussion Ensemble

These works are available at:

Hardware for performing with iPad

###How to make musical apps

Recent Publications

Download these and other publications at:

Here’s a clip of the session courtesy of PAS!