Pre-PASIC iOS Development Montage!

27 Oct '14

Concept icons for new and old Metatone apps

Concept icons for new and old Metatone apps and our desktop application “Metatone Classifier” that can track and interact with a whole ensemble of iPad performers!

We’re heading to PASIC in Indianapolis in a few weeks to present my seminar on iPads in the percussion ensemble, but before we go, I have a LOT of app development to get all of my work in the store and ready to go! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the icon art I’ve been working on to make everything look super classy!

Snow Music, MetaLonsdale and Birds Nest are already in the iTunes store but there are updates on the way with support for this years new iPhones and iPads - I’ve also got another app on the way “Phase Rings” which we’ve been using extensively in Ensemble Metatone and I’m really excited to show off at PASIC! Time to get back to work…