Bird's Nest iPad app - premiered at PASIC2013!

07 Jan '14

When Ensemble Evolution and I were planning our showcase concert for PASIC2013, I suggested that I could put togther an iPad app to use in one of our pieces - an idea that Jake and Maria were super excited to support! We decided that our “Bird’s Nest” piece - an improvisation with xylophone, twigs and various percussion accessories recalling the Bird’s Nest treehouse at Treehotel, would work perfectly with an iPad instrument.

I managed to develop a rough app in time to head over to the states (with three iPads in my bag!) which we used in our concerts in Boston. Even then, I was still putting the final touches on the app the night before our big concert!

After all that work - the result sounded awesome in the big hall and we had a great response from the audience - I’m looking forward to releasing on the app store soon and performing on it with my friends in Ensemble Metatone in Australia!

Here’s a video of our performance with the app at PASIC! Enjoy!

– And super thanks to our friends at Grover Pro Percussion who supported us with awesome instruments for this performance!