Revenant Media - ANU School of Art Gallery Next Friday!

16 Oct '13


Videos and photos from the event are in this post.

I’m performing with Ensemble Metatone at a very exciting concert on Friday 25/10 at the ANU School of Art Gallery!

Revenant Media is a special event celebrating a pioneering piece of new-media artwork: Stanslaus Ostoja-Kotkowski’s Theremin ‘75.

Four theremins have been reconstructed from the event from original and new parts and Ensemble Metatone and I will use them to perform Prof. Larry Sitsky’s work The Legions of Asmodeus commissioned for the ANU’s “Computer and Electronics in the Arts” in 1975.

Following the Legion, the Metatones and I will perform our iPad work MetaLonsdale and Ben Swift will perform a new work for live-coded audiovisuals.

There’s going to be music and video at the gallery from 6pm-9pm - and it’s free. Be there!

More info and the full Theremin ‘75 story on the ANU School of Art Website.

Look out for more photos and videos as the theremins are assembled over the next week!