Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival

15 Nov '12

In March 2011, Ensemble Evolution hosted the Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival at Studio Acusticum. More than 40 teachers, performers, composers and students came from around the world to share new music, ideas and inspiration!

It was amazing!

There’s lots more details about the festival on Ensemble Evolution’s website. But here’s a few of my highlights:

  • The Arctic Connection a concert of new music that Ensemble Evolution put together with Alaska’s Ensemble 64.8. We performed three of our new compositions! Our performance of my piece, Travel is in the video above.
  • A seminar on interactive media performance presented by me and Chi-Hsia Lai. We each talked about our own performances and then played our duo piece Strike on Stage. See the video below…
  • The premiere of my new work 3p3p for percussion trio with iPhones.