Solstromen Tour of Australia: Ensemble Evolution

08 Oct '12

In March, 2012, Ensemble Evolution travelled from Northern Sweden to Australia to perform our new percussion music and hold workshops in improvisation and mobile computer music.

We had an amazing time meeting musicians, artists, teachers and students at Mebourne Conservatorium, the ANU School of Music, Canberra’s You Are Here festival, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Canberra Grammar School, Serial Space and Sydney Conservatorium.

Special thanks goes to Peter Neville at Melbourne Conservatorium, Gary France at the ANU School of Music, David Finnigan and the You Are Here Festival and Canberra Grammar School for their generous help in making this tour happen.

The video above is our set at Canberra Museum and Gallery during You Are Here, and there are lots of photos below of our adventures!

Our concert at the ANU School of Music was reviewed by Eric Pozza at, an excerpt is featured here:

I could hear the representations in each tune. The Taxi was groove-based and rolling and lively with what sounded to be jazz-like improvisations over a repeating chord structure. The Lights were meditative, mystical, gently polyrhythmic and rich with tones like swelling cymbals and bowed metals. The band practices were endless and repeating, sometimes quiet and slow and searching, other times excited and confident. All spot on. The sounds were the thud of timber from the marimba, then ringing metal of the vibes, the crashes of cymbals and the drone of electronics. Attractive and so accessible that I wondered if it was radio-ready.