Paper in ACMC 2012

17 Jul '12

I had a paper published in the proceedings of ACMC2012 (link) which was held at Queensland Conservatorium last weekend! The paper was a short version of the Snow Music project from my Master’s thesis. During the conference, I presented the work in a poster session with this terribly wordy poster:

Here’s the abstract:

This paper traces the development of an Apple iPad and iPhone based musical instrument, Snow Music, and its use in performances by Ensemble Evolution, a percussion group formed by the author and two other percussionists.

This artistic research is motivated by a desire to use computer based instruments along with percussion in a group with non-programmer performers. The aims were to develop an elegant, portable, and flexible computer instrument that is accessible to the group and to find out what opportunities it enables in performance practice.

A project was undertaken to develop Snow Music, using Pure Data and libpd, and to collaboratively compose a musical work. The process was documented with video recordings and analysed using ethnographic methods.

The resulting setup was extremely portable and convenient for rehearsal and performance. A design that emphasised “percussive” interaction with the instrument and an improvised performance practice contributed to a collaborative development cycle. Analysis of performances gave insight into the limitations and affordances of mobile computer music devices.

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