Last Man to Die and Arduino Fio

02 Sep '11

Last week the Last Mans and I put on a little run of our show as part of National Science Week.

LMTD performance at the Street Theatre in Canberra

Most exciting for me was the chance to refine the wearable interface I put together for Hanna.

Testing wearable interface with Arduino Fio

I upgraded from a regular arduino, xbee shield and 6 AA batteries to an Arduino Fio and a LiPo battery. The Arduino Fio is super cool to use, it has a built-in xBee socket, and a charging circuit for the lithium polymer battery. The old rig used to be strapped on to Hanna’s back but we could stick the new setup to her arm with velcro so it was much easier to take on and off.

Now what else can I do with the Fio?