MalletKat Grand! (Sold)

13 Apr '11

update [ sold now! :-) ]

After some reflection I’ve realised that my MalletKat is much more useful to me in Australia than in Sweden, but it’s too expensive to bring my instrument back with me in June! So (unfortunately for me) it’s best to sell my instrument while I’m in Piteå.

So, Swedish Percussion Friends! Here’s your rare chance to buy the top-of-the-line MalletKat locally without the hassle and expense of importing an instrument from the USA!

For Sale: MalletKat Grand location: Piteå, 941 34

4 octave MIDI keyboard percussion controller. colour: Gold 

accessories included:

  • 1 - custom wheeled travel case with “MalletKat” logo
  • 2 - regular foot switches
  • 1 - premium (piano style) foot switch
  • European power supply - no adapters needed
  • Original manual (unfortunately in Australia, but I can post this to Sweden in June, also available as PDF)

Webpage for this instrument:

Purchased new in July 2009, used only by myself for concerts in Australia and Sweden. Instrument is in extremely good condition, case has slight signs of wear. Regretful sale due to overseas travel.

Price: 17000kr + postage.

(New price is $US2999 + shipping and MOMS).

interested? talk to me on Facebook or Twitter!

Here’s some photos of this instrument in the flesh!

And here’s a video of some things you can do with the MalletKat! (Had fun making this… even harder to sell now!)

It’s extremely rare to see the “Grand” version of the MalletKat. Apart from the unique dark gold colour, the Grand is an elegant one piece 4-octave instrument with sensitive and musical pads as well as inputs for 2 sustain pedals and 2 controller pedals.

The instrument functions as a midi controller as-is, or can be programmed to control synthesisers in a very sophisticated way with dampening, layers, precise note control (gate time, velocity curves) and many other advanced features.

Personally I’ve used the instrument for a wide variety of concert situations including as a vibraphone/marimba replacement in a rock band, an electric bass replacement in classical concerts and as a solo instrument in theatre/gallery installations. 

I find it especially useful that it can be made much lower than a vibraphone or marimba and played sitting down and of course the light weight makes it much easier to transport and set up than an acoustic instrument.

Ideal for playing vibraphone/marimba or synth sounds with bands, or for experimenting with electronic music!

Also extremely useful for composing, you can play marimba or vibes parts straight into Sibelius, Finale, Garageband, Logic, or Ableton Live or any other software.

It’s even possible to perform using an iPad or iPhone as a synthesiser using the a Camera Connection Kit and a MIDI-USB cable, or a MIDI-mobiliser!