Stockholm trip!

30 Oct '10

Stockholm is fun!

Ensemble Evolution + Anna is in Stockholm for a concert with Anders Åstrand an Dace Samuels. The venue was Capitol, a theatre run by Kroumata (the percussion ensemble). The theatre is labyrinthine and entirely full of percussion instruments. Bizarre strata of percussion through history. We want to be interns there so we can sort it out and play with all the cool toys!

We spent a lot of time yesterday walking around Stockholm. Pretty city! But the streets can be a bit quiet. Södermalm is my favorite area due to high proportions of Hipster clothes and design shops. So cool.

Went to a vintage second hand shop run by two Swedish versions of Yvonne. I guess their work day begins with dressups, using various layers of leotards, tutus, wedding dresses and 80s sneakers.

Today we’re going to some museums! Museum time!