Cognition Part 2 - This week at Street 2!

13 Oct '08

Cognition part 2 poster

Cognition Part 2 is being performed this week in Street 2 at the Street Theatre, Canberra. There are shows on Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th of October at 8:30pm and on Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

The show is a live gallery of four dramatic installations. I’m performing soundtracks for each installation on percussion and computer. A special feature of my performance is the debut of my computer-augmented vibraphone project, using the Pd environment to analyse sound in real time and control a computer backing.

We’re also using Pd and Gem for interactive visuals that are incorporated into the performance.

Tickets are $8. Here’s my setup:

Vibes, computer, and gongs for Cognition 2