I’m a performer and researcher in music technology, this page is about projects and ensembles that I’ve been involved with over the years.

Connection diagram for the IMPS system from interface through IMPS, to a synthesiser
Interactive Music Prediction System (IMPS)
IMPS is a system for recording, learning, and generating musical control data in live performances. read more
Creating music outdoors with microjam on iPhones
MicroJam was a mobile app for sharing tiny touch-screen performances. read more
Alec and Charles performing on stage with astronomical images behind them.
Andromeda is Coming
A Canberra-based duo using viola da gamba, percussion, and live electronics. read more
User interface of the PhaseRings app.
PhaseRings is a musical instrument for performing expressive music with touch gestures. read more
Charles Martin, Christina Hopgood, and Jonthan Griffiths performing as Ensemble Metatone in 2014 at the Drill Hall Gallery
Ensemble Metatone
Ensemble Metatone is a improvised music project for percussion and touchscreen instruments. read more
Cover of the Nordlig Vinter album showing a snow covered lake
Nordlig Vinter
Nordlig Vinter is an album of compositions for percussion and iOS devices created in Piteå, Sweden. read more
Ensemble Evolution performing in Canberra in 2012.
Ensemble Evolution
Ensemble Evolution was an international percussion group with members in the USA and Australia read more
An ensemble of percussionists performing Gesture Study 1 on iPads
Compositions for percussion and computer with a focus on ensembles. read more
Charles Martin and Chi-Hsia Lai performing Strike on Stage. The performers sit in front of the screen and move sticks to trigger sounds.
Strike on Stage
Strike on Stage is a percussion and multimedia performance created by Charles Martin and Chi-Hsia Lai. read more
Hanna Cormick performing in a Last Man to Die production
Last Man to Die
Last Man to Die was a cross-artform group based in Canberra developing new theatrical performances with interactive technologies. read more

I work at the intersection of music performance (computer and percussion), new interfaces for musical expression, and computational intelligence (ML/AI), and I’m always looking for new ways to combine these interests!

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